Slow Food lunch tasting

  • Timbale of Leprino viterbese with basil sauce and Marzolina cheese Slow Food Presidia,
  • Stracci (Homemade pasta) with Vignanello’s wine with red onion sauce and slices of Susianella salami Slow Food Presidia and Toma reale cheese;
  • Tartare of Maremmana meat Slow Food Presidia, with homegrown tomatos’ mustard and raw courgettes,
  • Tiramisù dessert with Palestrina’s Giglietto,
  • 1 glass of white wine from Slow Wine Guide,
  • 1 glass of red wine from Slow Wine Guide.

€ 40,00

Slow Food Presidia Tasting

  • Roman Countryside Caciofiore Slow Food Presidia
  • Classic Mortadella Slow Food Presidia Emila Romagna
  • Viterbo Susianella ( cured meat) Slow Food Presidia
  • Zibello Culatello (cured meat) slow Food Presidia
  • Bruschetta with Slow Food Presidia oil
  • Bruschetta with Torre Guaceto Fiaschetto Tomato slow Food Presidia
  • 2 wines from Slow wine Guide

€ 28,00

Tasting Farmhouse products lunch

  • Timbale of Leprino viterbese with basil sauce
  • Stracci (homemade pasta) with roman nuts and truffle
  • Pork cheek with raspberry sauce
  • Paracula Potato (salt, oil, spices)
  • Chestnuts Bavaerese

€ 28,00

Tasting Farmhouse products light lunch buffet

  • Tasting of leprino viterbese cured meats:
    Ham, marinate filet, fennel sausages, bruschetta with leprino’s patè, nut and raspberry marmalade.
  • 1 glass of wine

€ 18,00

Wine tasting with ONAV taster

Talk about Tuscia through a tasting of 4 excellent wines of the territory and a plate of cured meats and cheese.

€ 35,00

Tuscia's oil tasting with panel taster

Learn to recognize extra virgin oil, Tuscia’s olives. Panel tasting of 3 excellent oils. Plate of cured meats and cheese.

€ 30,00

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