Country chic Wedding

Different from a classical ceremony, Country chic Wedding offers opportunities to enjoy a natural and romantic atmosphere.

Country-Chic wedding is cut out for the newlyweds, personalized decoration, from the mise en place to announcement.

We follow the guidelines of “short distribution chain”, with local products to help the planet, to promote the local agri-food heritage and cost cutting.

We propose a fresh, seasonal and healty products.

To respect the biological diversity and oppose to standardization of the products.

TheCountry-Chic wedding respects the human being and its history.

A original and unique wedding which respects our land and traditional wedding!

Characteristic of Country chic wedding

  • Our seasonal products and other local products,
  • traditional wine and food
  • show cooking ( es. cheese maker)
  • Personalized details.
  • Seasonal flowers
  • Selection of  handmade bonbonnière, announcement and slow working paper for decorations.

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